Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hello everyone!
 Again, I have been away for some time, but that hasn't stopped my obsession for make-up or nail polish. I have been so ready to get back into blogging but I just havent been able to find the time. I'm trying to purchase a new digital camera to do my photos with. I want to come back 10x better than before, so here's to hoping!

xo Kala

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ok everyone! Sorry I have been away for so long. My computer died last year and I just recently got a new one. I was feeling to anxious to get back online, and it was just waaay too hard to try and do my blog thru my phone. but I'm back now and I am so excited to bring you some new things and some not-so-new things that I couldn't wait to blog about! I have really missed being able to actively blog and I have so many ideas for posts that I cant wait to share! so if you have any questions or ideas for what you might like to see, let me know!

Life has been pretty hectic over the last year. my baby niece turned two, just a week ago, and she now has a handsome little brother, who is already 5 months old! Yep, I now have both a little prince and princess to spoil and love!

 I also just bought my beautiful brand-new car: a 2013 Kia Forte sedan in RED:D  I am so very proud to have taken such a huge step by myself. It is definitely well-earned, and  a huge accomplishment. I absolutely LOVE it!

 Other than that, my life really hasn't changed much since I was able to post last. I hope everything is going great for you all and I am so excited to get back into the swing of things. I have so many ideas!

xoxo Kala

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Urban Decay Book of Shadows 4 (pic heavy)

Hey Everyone:)

Today, I'm sharing my birthday present with you! I have definitely become a collector of Urban Decay palettes. So, when I saw the UDBOS4 on sale on the UD website for $29.00(normally priced at $64.00), I jumped on it! I was getting ready to buy it last sunday night but my boyfriend, Nathan, said he wanted to buy it for me as a birthday gift, so I said why the heck not?! It shipped insanely fast and it came in almost perfect condition, because one of the eyeshadows had a chunk taken out of it (I noticed it was from part of the packaging that was sticking up, i fixed it!). I dont really care about that, as long as there were no fingers touching it before it got to me lol.

Zephyr was the one that got damaged:(

So, as far as packaging, this particular palette is quite larger than some of the other UD palettes I have or have seen before. I guess because it has more stuff in it this time! It is so colorful and beautiful! there is a mirror inside, with some beautiful butterfly decals. Definitely thumbs up on the packaging.

Contents: 16 eyeshadows, 1 UD 27/7 waterproof liquid liner in Perversion, 1 travel size Supercurl Curling mascara, 1 travel size UDPP, a mini speaker, w/ cords, and 1 'Get the Look' card, in which you scan one of any of the five codes with your smart phone to access videos of tutorials for this palette. Pretty high tech lol!

Products: I read that these shadows were made with the new formulation UD has made, which I haven't really noticed a difference in (why fix it if it ain't broke? lol). They are still awesomely pigmented, my over all favorite shadows. Altho some of the shadows are infamous for the chunky annoying glitter. there are only 3 shades in this palette that have it. the other colors are just basic satin or shimmer finishes. More than half the palette contains neutral shades, but thats perfectly fine with me. i have been wanting the NAKED palettes but I really have no need for them now lol. Altho I'm probably eventually going to get them.

Going from left to right:
Row 1: Blue bus (bright periwinkle blue, pink undertone),Gunmetal (darkened silver w/ silver glitter), Cobra (black base w/gold shimmer), Baked (dark bronzy gold)

Row 2: Bender (deep olive/mossy green w/gold shimmer), Gravity (deep purple, similar to Half Truth, w/pink, blue, purple shimmer), Lost (cooler dark brown), Hijack (cooler, dark teal, silver shimmer)

Row 3: Midnight cowgirl (bright creamy gold, w/gold/pink glitter), Sin (light, shimmery flesh toned, similar to Stila "Kitten"),  Midnight Rodeo (lighter than Lost, w/gold and silver glitter), Crystal (light blue, w/ teal, pink, purple shimmer)

Row 4: Bust (cool loght ashy brown), Missionary (very light cool brown), Skinp (very light peachy shade, warmer toned), Zephyr (Shimmery light ivory, silver shimmer).

The 24/7 liner is insane, it doesnt budge. I didnt realize it was waterproff at first, and I tried it on my hand, and I had to scrub it off lol. Im not a big fan of waterproof things because I hate how difficult they are to remove. But it is so opaque, so I like it:)

The mascara is also really great, its got a curved, nubby brush and I used it without curling my lashes, and it was great!

the little speaker and the cords:)

So this was my little overview of the Urban Decay Book of Shadows 4. Like I said before it is on sale for $29.00 at get it before they sell out! I'm assuming they are trying to get this one out of stock so they can get ready to bring out the new ones when they come out. Im excited to see whats next!

As always, questions? comments? requests? hit me up!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

China Glaze Capitol Colours (The Hunger Games Collection)

Hey Everyone!

I have a couple of new polishes from the China Glaze Capitol Colours collection to share with you today. As of right now, I only own 7 out of the 12 colors in this collection. There are some I still want to get, and some I had high hopes for, but was let down. I have yet to see the movie or the books. I'm extremely interested in doing so, altho I'm not one for jumping on bandwagons. I'll start off by listing all of the colors for you, including the district and what it specializes in according to the book:

  1. *District 1-Luxe and Lush (this district specializes in luxuries, such as jewelry)
  2. *District 2-Stone Cold (specializes in masonry)
  3. *District 3-Riveting (spcializes in electronics)
  4. District 4-Hook and Line (specializes in Fishing)
  5. District 5-Electrify (specializes in generating electricity)
  6. District 6-Fast Track (specializes in transportation)
  7. District 7-Mahogany Magic (specializes in lumber/paper)
  8. *District 8-Dress Me Up (specializes in textiles)
  9. District 9-Harvest Moon (specializes in Grain)
  10. *District 10-Foie Gras (specializes in Livestock)
  11. *District 11-Agro (specializes in agriculture)
  12. *District 12-Smoke and Ashes (specializes in mining)
( Colors marked with * are colors I own)

From left to right: Luxe and Lush, Riveting, Dress me up, Foie Gras, Agro, Smoke and ashes. not pictured: Stone Cold

From left to right: Luxe and Lush, Stone Cold, Riveting, Dress me up, Foie Gras, Agro, Smoke and ashes

Ok so I'll start from the top, describing the colors i actually have from the collection. Luxe and Lush is a beautiful flakie topcoat which is nice over almost anything. This polish does have more texture than other flakie polishes tho, so for those of you who are big fans of smooth nails, this might irk you a little, unless you use multiple layers of topcoat. Stone Cold which i forgot to photograph in the bottle lol)is a beautiful gunmetal grey, opaque in one coat, with a matte finish. I didnt know it was a matte before purchasing because it isnt mentioned on the bottle that it is, so beware non-matte fans. But if you like this color, just throw some top coat on and you're good to go. it looks awesome either way. Riveting is such a bold  and bright orange. It's not as opaque so you would need more than one coat to get good color payoff. This is probably the most bright color in the collection. Dress Me Up is a beautiful dusty pink creme color, very opaque in one coat. its a very beautiful twist on a neutral. Foie Gras was one I was dissappointed in. In the bottle it appears to be a darker dusty purple/taupe color. when applied, it looks like a cool toned brown. It's not a very flattering shade. Agro is hard to discribe. It's a bright, but dark color if that makes sense lol. its a bright lime/olive green, almost like a foil finish, with what seems like darker undertones. It's absolutely gorgeous. And finally, Smoke and Ashes. its a black base, with green and teal and blue glitter in it. The glitter is really subtle but the polish itself is very opaque.

  So over all, I think there are some pretty awesome and unique shades in this collection, but I feel like it is more of a fall collection lol. I would say its definitley worth a look!

  As always, questions, comments, concerns, requests are always welcome! hope everyone is well!


Friday, April 13, 2012


Hello Everyone! I hope you guys had an awesome Easter! Today I just have a snap shot of a special nail design I did for Cirque Du Soleil "DRALION"! My sister was able to grab us some great tickets to see the show last Friday night! Now, I have been so inspired by Cirque thru the years and it was a big dream of mine to be able to see one of the shows live, so you can understand what a big deal it was to be able to go lol!

I only got one good picture of the mani before it got chipped or damaged so im sorry I couldn't give more photos! its a a different color water marble on each finger. To be honest, i can't remember every color i used because i used at least 4 to 5 different colors for each nail! it was time consuming but totally worth it in the end! i hope you guys enjoy this look and if you try to recreate, send me a photo so i can check it out!

as always , any questions comments, concerns, requests? let me have them!

<3 kala

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patricks day!!!

Here is a little water marble tutorial I did! something festive and fun for the holiday!

The colors I used were Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in GOING GREEN, Zoya in GEMMA, Wet N'Wild SILVIVOR and SAGE IN THE CITY, and Ulta ENVY. Other supplies included a small cup of room temp. filtered water, 2-5 polishes of your choice, scotch tape, and an orange stick.

I started by painting a basecoat of SAGE IN THE CITY. Then with the usual cup of room temp. filtered water, I began making my bullseye using the first 4 colors, leaving ENVY for the last, and only drop of that color.

 After I made the bullseye, I used my orange stick to make a pattern in the cup and prepped my fingers using the scotch tape. First, I dipped in with my index, middle and ring finger. I cleared away the exess and created another bullseye, making a pattern, then dipping my pinky and thumb together.

Once I was finished marbling, I used a q-tip and a little paint brush with some acetone to clean up any polish off the skin. I topped it off with a coat of China Glaze's FAST DRY TOPCOAT.

There you have it! My St. Patrick's Day water marble look! Ihope you enjoyed it! Be safe, have fun, and enjoy the wonderful weather (for all you northeastern ohioans)!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm back! (update 3/12)

Hey everyone!

  Sorry for the vacation I have taken. Trust me, it wasnt intentional. My laptop decided to take a crash a couple of months ago and I have had no way to post:( So I'm sorry it has been so long! now I am back up and running and im so excited to be back!

  I will start off by telling you about my most recent adventure: My body makeover. Now, I have always been on the bigger side and I dont really mind that, but over the last few years, I have been careless with my body and my health, eating whatever I wanted because hey, I'm a grown up and I can do what I want, right? NO. So here I am, 40 lbs heavier than I wish to be unfortunatly. But I realized, I got myself into this mess and have to get myself out with a lot of hard work and self disipline. So far, so good! im already feeling a drastic difference in my health. I feel better, and I have more energy! its only been 2 weeks, but I have already lost 2 of the 15 lbs I am aming to lose before my birthday in may! I am so proud of myself! Let me know if you are interested in hearing about my diet and exersize routine, i would love to share! And if you have stories of your own, I would love to hear about it!

  Ok, I am so excited to start posting again! I have tons of nail designs to share with you and product reviews and new bits and bobs to share! hauls, reviews, and other fun stuff! So keep a lookout for some great stuff coming up!

  I hope everyone has had a good couple of months! Spring is here already and That means funky fun colors! St. patty's day is saturday, so im gonna work on a really fun holday inspired design that you can wear to the parade this year!

thanks for being so patient with me! <3 Kala